Upgrades - Networks, Systems, office workstations, etc.

Wireless network upgrade of wireless access points (WAPs) can be replaced with faster, more advanced models. The new WAPs (also called ‘radios’) will have faster uplink speeds and will connect to faster switches, which connect to a faster network. It can also have additional WAPs installed to provide ‘dense’ coverage.

Office Workstations:

To meet the growing needs of your workspace and address the rise in the scale of operation, we can expand and upgrade your office systems. Including upgrading your computer with more hard drive space, additional RAM, a CD/DVD drive or burner, new motherboard, CPU, or other peripheral.


Having the right software and making sure it is optimized can be key when it comes to business, storing data, and communications. We will work with you to find out your software needs or assess the problems and provide you with an optimal solution.

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